The Relationship Between Creativity and Healing

When cells die or are damaged, neurons cannot communicate properly with the appropriate cells or neuropathways. The neurons ‘misfire’ as they try to connect with each other, producing poor signals or no signal at all. This defective wiring in the brain can cause something called a ‘noisy brain’ where there is a lot of activity, but the activity is unregulated and chaotic. As a result, the body experiences various levels of disharmony in its ability to function in a healthy way.

Neuroplasticity is the field in which these discoveries are being made and the exciting thing about this, is that they are discovering that the brain is very plastic and can be healed in a number of ways. Light therapy, sound therapy, vibrational therapy, physical therapy, mindfulness training, EFT, and of course, art therapy are all ways in which the brain can be healed.

Basically, when the brain is in a state of dysfunction or stress, the ‘sympathetic nervous system’ (the fight or flight system) is stuck on. Healing occurs when the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ (the calming and relaxing system) is turned on. The activities and therapies mentioned above all work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and turn off the sympathetic nervous system. EFT, meditation and creativity are a few powerful tools that the individual can use to move into the parasympathetic place of healing.

I believe that the creative process in particular can be very healing, because in essence, we are all creative souls. Each and every one of us has within, the seed of creativity—because we are the manifestation of Creation itself. Unfortunately, most people (even artists) don’t recognize this truth. Connecting to your Creative Self is a spiritual quest. It is a practice of letting go of countless layers of delusions in the forms of negative beliefs, fears, emotional blocks and conditioned patterns. The layers of delusion act as barriers between what you desire and what you are—Creation itself. Practicing methods to create new healthy neuropathways is one of the best ways of bringing positive and healing changes to the body.

In my book Healing Through Creative Expression, I teach a process in which an individual can use intuitive painting, writing and storytelling as a way to access this place of healing. The book offers information on the connection between the mind/body/spirit and how creativity can help to bring healing on all these levels. It offers a seven step creative process to guide the reader through an intentional and powerful self-healing journey. You can receive a free digital copy of this book when you sign up for The Art of Tapping Newsletter.

I briefly refer to EFT in this book, because at the time of writing it, I had not yet discovered the amazing abilities that Emotional Freedom Techniques have to ‘rewire our brain’, by releasing negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs. I offer some basic guidance on how to use EFT on yourself here on my website. Between these two resources, there is a great deal that you can do yourself.  However, there are times when we simply cannot process some of our own stuff, usually because we are blind to what is blocking our healing. This is where I can help!

As an Accredited Certified EFT Practioner, I can help guide you to into your blind spots and rediscover your authentic self. I use a very gentle and creative approach and hold a very nurturing and safe space for you to explore the deepest truth of who you really are! You can check out what others have to say HERE about their experience and you can book a FREE 15 minute consultation with me to see if you may want to work together. Just send me a note through my Contact Page.