Raising Yourself~An 11 Week Mentoring Program

Raising Yourself~What if You Could be Your Own Parent?

Have you ever thought “If only I had been my own parent? I would have treated myself so differently or if only my parents had understood me, had accepted me as I was, had not hurt me the way they did, had shown me that they loved me….” There are many, many versions of this story, and quite simply, in most cases, parents, guardians and teachers were completely unaware of the neglect and damage they were causing in children.

In the past, it was quite common for parents and guardians to treat children in a very unconscious way. They thought their role was to provide a roof over their children’s heads as well as food, clothing and some sort of ‘guidance’. In some cases, basic needs were not met and very sadly, in far too many cases, children were physically and emotionally abused. The damage from neglect and abuse has created many a deep scar, leaving the recipient of such treatment with a broken heart and soul—and a desire to have been treated differently.

As a result, these wounded souls go through life looking for someone, anyone to treat them in the way they wished they had been treated as a child. They look for “something” to fill this emptiness—relationships, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, power, shopping etc. They seek approval from others, look for love and acceptance from others, and sometimes the consequences of this can be devastating. They may try so hard to use these coping strategies to find some way to fulfill deep seeded needs, but the result is that they literally “sell their soul” and inflict more damage on themselves, creating deep unhappiness and in some cases, even illness. Where there is neglect, there is unworthiness and perpetuating pain.

If this rings true for you, then I must say that you will likely never get what you need from you parents or guardians. AND you will never get what you need from anyone or anything else! The reality is that YOU are the only one that can give yourself what you need! YOU are the only one who can nourish your deepest emotional needs and desires. No one knows you like you know yourself. No one, other than you, knows what you need the most. Therefore, it only makes sense, that YOU need to be your own parent and Raise Yourself.

You may wonder how this can be possible—but what if I told you that it is possible! What if I told you there is a way for you, as your adult self, to go back into the past and give your younger self what you needed at the time. And what if being there for your younger self as he or she was going through a bad experience, helped them to feel safe and protected?

There is an energy healing technique that can do this very thing, and it is called Matrix Reimprinting. It is based on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is an energy healing modality that brings together acupressure and traditional talk therapy. By tapping on specific energy meridian points on the body, while addressing a negative event, belief or memory, the stress response in the body receives the message that it no longer needs to react in a negative manner. The memory of the event remains, but the negative reaction to it dissolves.

With Matrix Reimprinting, I guide the client through a process of going back in time to a negative event or memory, where they connect with their younger self. The client then introduces themselves to their younger self (called the Echo) and performs EFT on them and offers love, support and resources during this stressful event. They help their Echo release the negative energy of the event and change any limiting beliefs or decisions that were made at that time. Once the Echo is resourced and happy, that ‘new feeling’ is imprinted on the client. The result is that the client still has the memory of the event, but their feelings and emotions towards it have changed towards the positive.

This 11 week mentoring program “Raising Yourself 1111” is designed to do just that—Raise Yourself in the way you deserved, by becoming your own parent using Matrix Reimprinting. During this time, we will meet once a week on Zoom and I will guide you through a Matrix Reimprinting session. Zoom is a virtual classroom that is one of the safest platforms available, ensuring complete privacy.

You will heal several experiences from your past using this process, and at the end of the 11 week program, you will know how to use this technique on yourself to continue to resource and support your younger self.

This mentoring program provides you with the ability to become the one who nourishes your deepest emotional needs and desires. As a result, when you engage in relationships with others, you are not needing anything from them—you are just welcoming the opportunity to get to know them exactly as they are, AND for you to be truly who you are! You will begin to let go of the negative patterns that have been trying to fill this empty place within yourself.

As you go through the program, you may also come to see your parents or guardians in a different light. You may see that they were themselves very wounded, and as a result, find understanding and compassion for them. Some of the work may involve healing ancestral wounds and patterns—breaking the cycle of pain that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Each week, you will receive additional guidance, resources and tools that will help you deepen your experience of learning to nurture and take care of yourself. It will be a journey towards forgiveness, love, honour and compassion for yourself and others.  In this place,  you then become a beacon of love and light that radiates out to everyone around you, having Raised Yourself to a very empowering place.

You may be wondering what the 1111 means—or perhaps you know exactly what it means! Numbers play a very important role on our healing journey. Whether repeating or in sequence, they are always messages from our Spirit Guides or Angels, letting us know we are on the right path. There are various interpretations and meanings, but for my work and what I understand about numerology, 1111 is the ultimate sign that you are on the path to Awakening or Ascension! My favorite resource is the work of Willow Soul Heals

The result of this healing work is not only to “Raise Yourself” literally, but to also Raise Yourself to a higher level of consciousness. This mentoring program is a powerful healing experience on so many levels!

The first session will involve creating a road map for your journey, with the understanding that this map may change, there may be detours or somewhere new and exciting to explore! You will learn what Matrix Reimprinting is and receive your first package of resources for the week to come.

Cost: 1111.00

Duration: 11 weeks

If this program speaks to you, please contact me for a free 3o minute consultation.

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