PATT-Painting and Tapping Technique

The Painting and Tapping Technique is similar to the Picture Tapping Technique except that one "paints how they feel" using acrylic paints rather than drawing a picture of how they feel. It is an intuitive process that takes more time but allows one to experience the subtleties of their issue in a more comprehensive but gentle manner. The flow of paint on the canvas has a calming effect and allows one to fall into a very relaxed state. This invites a deepening of the process. No painting experience is required. 

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Below are a few examples of the Painting and Tapping Technique. I've included as much information with each example based on the level of permission provided by the participants. At the beginning of the process, I have the client fill out a Limiting Beliefs questionnaire where they rate how true the belief is (there are 40 in total). They also include the issue they have chosen to work on and rate that. I calculate the total before and after the workshop. The results are amazing!

This an example of a client who was working with allergies. After the painting process, the client's symptoms were improved by about 70% and continued to stay at that level. 

Layer One ~Itchy

Layer Two ~Cellular

Layer Three ~Releasing and Separating

Layer Four ~Resolution

At the beginning of the workshop, this client filled out the Limiting Belief questionnaire and scored a total of 170. After the workshop, the score went down to 70. 

Layer One

Layer Three

Layer Five ~ Resolution

Layer Two

Layer Four

Below is another series of paintings. This client was working on a compulsive habit and after the process was complete, there was a noticeable reduction in the habit.  


Layer One ~ Uncertainty

Layer Two ~Not as Chaotic

Layer Three ~Flowing

Layer Four ~Resolution

This workshop participant chose to paint on individual pieces of paper rather than on a canvas. The paintings were very much like the types of drawings that are done in the Picture Tapping Technique. The interesting point about this, was that the client had never done PTT. They resolved in just 3 paintings, which was in alignment with how quickly they process in sessions. Their score on the Limiting Beliefs questionnaire went from 47 to zero.We do a maximum of 5 layers or paintings, but resolution can show up as early as the third image. 

Painting One

Painting Three ~ Resolution

Painting Two