EFT, Chronic Conditions and HSP

One of the most difficult aspects of living with a chronic condition is the stress that comes from having to deal with such conditions. The stress can be caused by the frustration of dealing with the limitations various conditions produce, or the shame of having an illness that is ‘ambiguous’ or invisible, like chronic pain and fatigue. In some cases, conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia may not be recognized by the medical community, and if they are, the treatment options can be limited. In such cases, individuals can be left feeling angry, frustrated and hopeless when they are told there is nothing wrong with them, it’s all in their head or that little can be done.

One can experience stress just from worrying about going into a public situation that could cause the condition to become worse. Someone with chemical sensitivities may need to go to the washroom and the only available option is a public restroom infused with synthetic deodorizer. Or, someone with food sensitivities may not be able to find a safe menu option when going out for a meal with friends. Loud music might cause stress, uncomfortable furniture, not having enough energy to go grocery shopping—there are countless situations that can cause unwanted and unplanned stress for people living with chronic conditions.

There is added stress when people suffering with these conditions seek support, whether allopathic or holistic, and find only minimal or temporary results. They try one thing after another and may eventually reach a point of total despair and hopelessness, asking themselves, “will I ever get better?” All this added stress just perpetuates the condition—this is where EFT and Picture Tapping can be so helpful!

Basic EFT can be easily learned and then used to deal with all these daily stressors. It is an amazing self-help tool that anyone can learn. Set up statements like, “even though I am worried there won’t be a comfortable place for me to sit…right here right now, I am ok,” or “even though I felt so angry when Joan said to me, “suck it up”…I deeply and completely accept myself.” EFT is so effective when used in this way. But there is an even more exciting possibility when using EFT and PTT for chronic conditions—it can help to get to the root of what is causing the condition in the first place.

I have yet to meet someone who has some sort of chronic health issue who is not a highly sensitive person (HSP). Maybe they are out there, but I’ve not met one yet. What I have experienced however, are people who don’t know they are highly sensitive and who have worked incredibly hard all their life to hide the fact. They are sensitives in denial! Or, they are quite aware of their sensitive nature, but have kept this part of themselves well hidden, because being sensitive is simply not accepted in our society!

It is my belief that denying such an essential and beautiful aspect of ones’ self, is one of the major causes of disharmony in the body, resulting in chronic health issues, depression, fear, anxiety and a general feeling of discontentment. And because this denial likely started at a very young age, highly sensitive people have established some very powerful and convincing patterns of negative emotions and beliefs. They will have had one experience after another throughout their lives that support these beliefs—rooting the negative patterns even more deeply into their system. Also, HSP’s feel so much more and are deeply aware of problems in their environment. Overall, sensitives experience considerably more stress in their lives because they perceive so much.

As a result, HSP’s often carry more negative patterns than most people. While these patterns can be very difficult to change…the great news is that they can be changed! Again, EFT and PTT are some of the most powerful tools I’ve ever come across that can help undo these deeply established patterns. Dealing with negative emotions and limiting beliefs can be more challenging and require a commitment to do the work. The process can take some time, but it’s important to remember the issues that have contributed to the disharmony in the body, have occurred over a period of time.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be discouraged though! If you release the negative experiences and emotions related to having a chronic condition, then it is possible to be in positive state of mind and have a sense of hope and knowing that you are getting better—even if the body hasn’t caught up yet. If you think about a paper cut or any other wound—you experience the initial pain of the injury. But you don’t worry that it won’t heal, you know from experience, the wound will eventually heal. It may continue to hurt for a while, but healing is occurring. When there is no interference from the host (you) in the form of negative thoughts or emotions, the wisdom of the body just does what it does—it goes about healing itself–even from chronic conditions!