Tapping and The Law of Attraction

If you have found your way here to The Art of Tapping, then it is likely you are looking for relief from some unwanted condition or situation in your life. Therefore, I am so excited you have found your way here, because I can share with you a variety of possibilities to help you find relief from your suffering. What is suffering? Quite simply, it is a state of being out of alignment with Source. When we are out of alignment with our True Nature, our True Selves (there are many terms pointing to the same thing), then we experience discourse or discomfort in our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. This can manifest as unhappiness, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, physical ailments or ‘dis-ease’, lethargy, limiting beliefs and so on. Essentially, a negative state of being.

The law of attraction teaches “we are our thoughts”, therefore any negative thoughts or beliefs are going to manifest as negative experiences. The goal then would be to shift from negative thoughts and feelings to positive thoughts and feelings. Anyone who has explored this process is sure to agree that it is a truly challenging quest. No matter how hard you try to stay in a positive state of mind, to stay focused on positive thoughts…negativity creeps in with a powerful and relentless force.

Why is this such a challenge? Well it lies in the fact that so many of our negative experiences and emotions lie below thought, and are stuck in unconscious patterns that we are likely completely unaware of. When we try to focus on positive thoughts, we have this huge weight of unconscious negativity weighing us down. This can lead to feeling deflated and frustrated with attempts to manifest a positive life.

What can be done you may ask? The key lies in the ability to access your negative thoughts and emotions, and then energetically release the negativity attached to those thoughts and emotions. This is what Energy Methods such as EFT and PTT are brilliant at doing. Through these techniques, you can literally take a negative experience or emotion, consciously bring your attention to it, use these energy techniques to release the negativity, and THEN move into the positive place of being. You then have a memory without an emotional reaction, and according to Joe Dispenza, that is called wisdom! Bit by bit, you release the negative hooks and energy that keep you from moving easily into a place of positive well-being.

How does this work with unconscious emotions you may ask? It can work in a couple of ways, depending on the technique used. With the Picture Tapping Technique, the process of drawing can access the unconscious through metaphor and symbolism. The marks, shapes, images and colours used in a Picture Tapping Session can reveal issues that lie below your awareness. The facilitator (me) then guides you through a specific ‘tapping routine’ to release the negative energies related to the issues drawn in the picture. The client doesn’t even have to know what the issues are! That is the beauty of this technique.

With EFT, we start by tapping on a known issue and release the negative emotions related to that issue, and in doing so, often forgotten issues will arise. We can then process these issues one at a time—a process of revealing and releasing. This may sound daunting, but what often happens in EFT is something called ‘the generalization effect.’ Many negative experiences will have a common thread, and by tapping on certain issues, similar issues having this common thread can dissolve as well.

Over time, you reveal and release the negative issues that are holding you back from moving into a more positive state of being. In a way, it is like you are a train, pulling a long line of train cars through life. Each car represents an negative experience, memory or emotion. It is heavy and arduous and it seems impossible to be free of this heavy burden of negativity. Using EFT and PTT, among other energy practices such as meditation and mindfulness, you release one train car at a time. Everyone has a different train they are pulling through life—some with many, many cars and some with not so many, but perhaps very heavy cars. Some cars are easy to release and others take more work. But over time, your train gets lighter and lighter and you can feel yourself moving through life more easily and with less effort. Positivity starts to flow easily into your life and you can begin practices of positive intentions and they will begin to stick! You will find yourself moving so much more easily into a positive state of mind.

This is when the Law of Attraction really kicks in! Now, instead of being stuck in negative thoughts, emotions and memories, (and then creating more of that) you are intentionally focusing on positive desires and intentions and start creating more of that! This is the fundamental truth of the Law of Attraction…Our Thoughts Become Our Reality.

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