Kind Comments



I would first like to say…You have come to the right place! Patricia is one of the warmest, empathetic listeners I have ever worked with. She immediately creates a nurturing and safe container where healing can transpire.

Whether you want to work on limiting beliefs or work on being able to hold visionary aspects of your being (and everything in between), you will find yourself held and be able to tap into ( LOL- sorry, couldn’t help it!) the deepest places within…as I have been able to with Patricia’s guidance.

Her presence and Medicine Woman energy cannot be overstated; working with her has been pure magic.

I am blessed and grateful to have her as my ally and guide. Thank you Patricia!

MB-Seattle, Washington



Patricia was a gift in my life that I’m deeply grateful for. I met Patricia at a time in my life where I needed some guidance and direction to learn how to keep myself grounded in difficult situations. I suffer from anxiety and needless to say, keeping calm is not one of my strong suits. Patricia, with her strong intuition and skillful action, guided me through the process of EFT tapping and helped me learn ways of grounding myself and keeping centered during times of panic or anxiety. Prior to meeting Patricia, I was skeptical about the benefits of tapping and always wondered whether or not it would be helpful to me. I’m so grateful that I moved past that skepticism and worked with Patricia to reduce and eliminate my anxiety naturally. Patricia’s intuitive skill and authentic patience allowed me to feel completely okay being myself in her presence, which was a huge part of my healing. I’ll always be grateful to her for the visible improvements I’ve seen in my life after meeting her!

NM-Vancouver, B.C. Canada



I wasn’t sure how EFT would work, but it has made my life much easier and stress free. The first time I met Patricia, she made me feel very safe and had a calming energy about her. She helped me let go of some old stressful memories and when I feel bothered by some memory or something in the present, I go through the tapping routine and whatever it is goes away. I feel less stress, lighter and happier. It manages all of the above within minutes so my focus is sharper and everything is better. Thanks so much for your help Patricia.

JMR-Vancouver, B.C. Canada



EFT has been a powerful tool for me, particularly PTT. Working with Patricia on my most dominant, negative emotion—fear, brought swift and positive results. No one knows more about how you are feeling than yourself, and for me, the beauty of EFT/PTT was that it allowed my emotions to be heard, and in the case of the PTT session, ‘seen’. Once those emotions were gently brought forward, I was able to let them go, quickly and with ease.

These are very effective techniques, and Patricia practices them not only with great skill, but with gentle intuition and sensitivity, instilling a feeling of trust and calm. Although I am not a particularly skeptical person, the thought of me in the past, feeling good—happy most of the time, was elusive and quite unrealistic. In other words, I believed in the process, but thought it probably wouldn’t work for me. But it did work…and I highly recommend trying Emotional Freedom Technique to anyone. Thank you, Patricia, you have helped me so much and provided the skills I need to continue to help myself!

RS-North Vancouver, B.C. Canada



I was suffering from neck and jaw muscle pain from a previous medical condition. I tried physiotherapy several times to try to alleviate the problem, but it only gave me temporary relief. I knew Patricia was doing something called EFT and I was very skeptical. I couldn’t see how talking about my pain while tapping on my body would fix anything. She encouraged me to give it a try and I am glad I did. After only one session, I noticed a significant improvement in my condition. We continued to work on the neck and jaw pain for a few more sessions, and I realized that I was holding a lot of fear around the anticipation of having spasms. I continued to improve, and then Patricia introduced me to the Picture Tapping Technique.

I was curious about PTT because I have an artistic streak and the idea of picture drawing appealed to me. I did a couple of these sessions with Patricia and I found that my condition almost completely disappeared. On occasion, I feel a slight twinge in the neck or jaw, but it passes (I think because I’m not afraid of it anymore) and never turns into the spasms that it did before.

I enjoyed my sessions with Patricia very much, she is calm, professional and proficient in her approach. I would highly recommend working with her.

JW-Bowen Island, B.C. Canada



I have worked with Patricia many times. As colleagues we share sessions to expand and enhance our skills in order to best be of service to others. Patricia has a special intuitive ability to help draw out core limiting beliefs enabling the client to get to specific issues ~ consequently gaining huge benefits such as relief and resolve.

Working together, Patricia and I realized we are kindred spirits, embarking on collaborating creative events. Her authenticity along with her patience and genuine kindness enables clients to feel safe and secure to open up and really get to the core of the issue.

I would highly recommend working with Patricia. EFT is an amazing technique that provides fast and long lasting results.

PM-Gold River, B.C. Canada