About Patricia


I am a writer, artist and a ‘Creative Living Mentor’, whose passion it is to help individuals (especially Highly Sensitive Individuals) rediscover their Authentic Selves. I am a highly sensitive, intuitive empath who has walked the walk of a sensitive, perceiving, and deeply feeling soul. I’ve done this in a world where it is simply not ok to be so sensitive. I learned at a very young age, that I had to become more ‘tough’ to be accepted, and began burying these beautiful parts of myself as a way to survive in a society that judges sensitives harshly.

Denying my authentic self in this way, and not understanding my sensitivity, led to a life of chronic pain and illness. By the time I was sixteen, I was searching for relief from my pain and fatigue. I tried many healing modalities and found some success and relief, but it wasn’t until Elaine Aron’s book ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ fell off a shelf in front of me (literally—so of course I had to acquire it), that I learned how my sensitivity had been a major contributor to my ongoing health issues. I simply ‘felt too much’, which left my body in a chronic state of stress, and as a result, a chronic state of pain and fatigue. The fact that I had to fight so hard to hide my sensitive self, created even more stress in my life.

Over the years, I had become aware of the mind-body connection, and how negative experiences and memories can be held in the body. In 2015, I wrote a book called Healing Through Creative Expression–Using Intuitive Painting, Writing and Storytelling. It is a compilation of many of the healing modalities that I found helpful on my own journey, and focuses on using creativity as a wonderful healing tool. It is a guide and workbook designed to help people find a way to access and release negative emotions and energies from their body using a gentle and creative approach.

Since I wrote that book however, I discovered the most powerful and most effective healing tool ever—Emotional Freedom Techniques! It is like a speed ball approach to clearing negative energy out of the physical, emotional and spiritual body…yet, it is amazingly gentle. I was so deeply moved by the effectiveness of EFT that I trained to become a practitioner! I also trained and became certified in the Picture Tapping Technique—a branch of EFT that uses ‘drawing how you feel about the issue’ rather than describing how you feel. EFT and PTT are perfect complements to the creative process I write about in my book.

As a Creative Living Mentor, I teach ways to recover your sensitive and creative self, as those two aspects of ourselves are undeniable linked. I also guide individuals through the process of allowing themselves to express the beautiful gifts that come with walking the walk of their authentic self. Being a highly sensitive person comes with its challenges, without a doubt, and I help people find the strength in their sensitivity and also how to manage it. Being highly sensitive is not a personality trait that can be changed. It is a fundamental part of ‘who you are.’ Learning to embrace your sensitivity will enrich your life in ways you can’t even imagine. I know it has for me!

As far as credentials, I am an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner with AAMET as well as a Certified PTT Practitioner. I have a Certificate of Peer Counselling from UBC Continuing Studies and a Certificate for Leader Training in Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions. I also worked as an Accredited Pharmacy Technician for 25 years.

I am very blessed to live on Bowen Island, on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia! I love working in my garden and taking beautiful walks on the beach and in the forest with my best friend, soul mate and husband–Wolf.

If you are inspired to explore the possibility of Rediscovering Your Authentic Self, I offer a free 15 minute consultation. You can go over to my Contact Page and request your free appointment.